AG Leaders

  • David Phang

    David Phang

    AG Leader


    Since joining ERA and embarking on the real estate career, David has never looked back. The real estate career has given him the opportunity to achieve success in three major aspects of my life.

    1) A rewarding income and infinite financial possibilities.
    2) An exhilarating and inspiring team management career path.
    3) A flexible schedule, which means more flexibility in planning quality time for his Family, the most important people in his life.

    Over the years, it has been inspiring and motivating to see how fast the ERA Achievers Group has grown. David also has the privilege and honour to be one of the pioneer leaders and trainers who has contributed to the group’s growth and success since day one of its formation. Together with a team of committed, experienced and dynamic leaders, he is excited, and looks forward to excel and advance to greater heights with ERA Achievers Group in its many successful years to come.

    Having enjoyed the benefits of The ERA Achievers Group training and management synergy, David is ever eager to share these inspirations and possibilities with YOU, and anyone who wishes to realize their dream in life, the same that he has done for his current team.

    Have a word with him today, and realize your dreams with ERA Achievers Group!
  • Desmond Lau

    Desmond Lau

    AG Leader


    Desmond Lau has been involved in the Singapore Real Estate industry as a full time practicing salesperson since 4th quarter 2007. He has been actively assisting clients in transacting worthy investments. He strive to be the Partner You Can Trust by rendering the Service You Deserved and maintain a Your Interest is My Priority attitude.

    With a Positive Attitude, Experience and Knowledge, many of his clients are convinced that they & Desmond will form a successful partnership in identifying, realising and transacting the RIGHT investment at the best possible price & in the fastest possible time.

    Desmond is also a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions since 2008. Notable accolades include:

    • Promoted to ERA Assistant Marketing Manager in 2008 January
    • Promoted to ERA Marketing Manager in 2008 March
    • Promoted to ERA Senior Marketing Manager in 2008 July
    • Promoted to ERA Marketing Director in 2008 November
    • Completed CEHA (Common Exam for Housing Agent)
    • ERA Top 300 salesperson for year 2008
    • Multi-Million Dollar Club
    • ERA Top 200 salesperson for year 2009

    Apart from offering his Real Estate services, he is also actively recruiting new faces to nurture new aspiring salespersons, who have the interest to provide a honest and humble services.

    Please feel free to contact me @ 96614568 should you have any queries in regards to real estate matters ranging from pricing, financing, eligibility, procedures and others. Thank you.

    Your Interest, My Priority!
  • Jacqueline Ng

    Jacqueline Ng

    AG Leader


    Jacqueline Ng gave up her corporate ladders in IT Industry to join the big family of ERA Achievers Group in August 2009 as a full time real estate agent. With her relentless pursuit of perfection and determination to succeed, she was awarded Top Rookie 2010 in Infinieum Division, received ERA Million Dollar Club Outstanding Achievements Award in 2010 and numerous Top 20 Producers Award in Achievers Group in a short span of 2 years.

    Besides being active in sales, she is also one of the Group Trainer in Achievers Group. Jacqueline dedicates herself in grooming outstanding consultants by sharing her experience & knowledge, which she have learnt from all her mentors & team mates in Achievers Group.

    There are two worlds; the world that we can measure with line and rule, and the world that we feel with our hearts and imagination. Which is yours? If you crave for an exciting career or lead a financial freedom lifestyle, look no further. Call Jacqueline today for a non-obligatory discussion today!
    Please visit my website:
  • Jaimie Ho

    Jaimie Ho

    AG Leader


    Jaimie Ho joined ERA by chance in October 2007 during the downturn of the property cycle at the age of 30. She was a Marketing Executive with a local company for 8 years before making the reluctant switch, all because she has always wanted to spend more time with her 2 daughters. Despite having the lack of confidence in the real estate business and totally clueless, she persisted through the Miracles Division training and mentoring and was awarded ERA Top Rookie in January 2009, just 4 months after joining ERA with her gross sales exceeded $55K that month. She believes that a newbie’s success is 30% hard work, 30% self motivation and another 40% is all about joining the right division and having the right proven support system, and at Achiever’s Group, she is a testament of the fact that training is very important during the first years of a Rookie’s embarkation in the real estate business.

    Her accolades are as follows : -
    2007, Oct - Joined ERA ESST Course, ERA Miracles Division training.
    2008, Jan - Sold 2 houses in Bukit Timah and Mt Faber.
    ERA Top Rookie for the Month January 2008.
    2008, May - Resigned from her full time job.
    2008, June - Promoted to ERA Marketing Manager.
    2008, Sept - Financial Crisis. Promoted to ERA Senior Marketing Manager.
    Actively recruiting and managing associates.
    2008, Oct - Completed CEHA (Common Exam for Housing Agent)
    2009, June - Obtained Multi Million Dollar Club.
    2009, Dec - Promoted to ERA Marketing Director.
    2010, July - Promoted to ERA Senior Marketing Director.
    2011, - ERA Top 100 Achievers 2010.

    - Received Award at ERA Business Conference at Resorts World on 25th Feb 2011.
    - Receipient of ERA Asia Pacific Elite Award.
    - Completed the ERA Leadership Development Program in April 2011.
    - Attended the 3 day workshop for Selling To Real Estate Investor in Aug 2011.

    She is 100% dedicated to her Clients and Associates. One of her associates, Evelyn Wang (who is a homemaker and her previous client before joining real estate) has been awarded ERA Top Rookie in February 2011, March 2011 and May 2011 just after 5 months of joining Achievers’ Group. Evelyn too, has benefited from the training system that this team has provided. She has clocked in sales of $300,000 to date by July 2011.
    She currently heads a humble team of 12 associates, and is slowly expanding. The fact that 20% of her workforce who joined her because of their previous encounter in selling / buying through Jaimie is a testament that Jaimie is sincere, humble, down to earth and motivated to help other to achieve their financial dreams. She is a strong advocate in the Achievers’ Group system and would strongly advise Rookie to join this Division, regardless of whoever is their Manager.
    For further information about Jaimie Ho and her credentials, please visit
  • Johnny Koh

    Johnny Koh

    AG Leader


    Johnny Koh started his real estate career with ERA in 1999 with sheer determination to be successful in this industry. With no savings and heavily burdened with family debts, he strongly believes that real estate is the only career that will bring him from ZERO to HERO. Not only did he managed to be debt-free, he has also achieved financial freedom at an early age.

    During his active salesperson days, he is challenged with tonnes of objections and rejections. However, he strongly believes that objections are hidden opportunities and rejections are priceless lessons in life. With this"Never-Say-Die" attitude, he excel speedily in his presentation, negotiation and interpersonal skills. He has also achieved numerous salesperson & management awards throughout these years in ERA. He is also a consistent Top 5 Managers in Achievers Group.

    Besides providing dedicated real estate service to his client, his passion is also to impart all his knowledge and skills to anyone who has the right attitude and burning desire to succeed in this career.

    To Johnny, Achievers Group is a family that all new or experienced salesperson must consider. They have a proven training system to make sure you are successful. With his personal coaching and guidance, YOUR SUCCESS is NEAR. Call him now for a non obligatory discussion to find out more how you can embark on a rewarding career.

  • Ronald Bai Jin Kun

    Ronald Bai Jin Kun

    AG Leader


    I'm Ronald Bai from the Largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore. Having a Dynamite passion in Real Estate business. Hold an impeccable sales record by sealing many deals. I serve all my clients genuinely fot their best interest and ensuring every buyer to get their Dream home is my motto. Feel free to contact me at 98529055 for a non-obligatory discussion and free consultation.
  • Steven Loh

    Steven Loh

    AG Leader


    Steven Loh graduated with an honours degree in communications. Instead of becoming an engineer, he stepped out of his comfort zone and ventured into real estate business after realising what the potential of this career can reap. Like many new agent then, Steven believes in self improvement and attended numerous trainings, seminars and workshops to upgrade his skills and knowkedge.

    During his past six years in real estate, he has received numerous awards in recognition to his achievements. His customers satisfaction is also witnessed by the many customers testimonials and referrals he received. Not only does Steven excel in his sales, he is currently an active team leader in Achiever Group. He strives to continue to bring his personal sales and team production to greater heights.

    With the desire to learn and the knowledge to impart, Steven is actively sharing his success formula with anyone who has the passion to make real estate his lifetime career. He strongly believe anyone who has the will can definitely be successful in this industry.

    Retire young, retire rich with Steven Loh!